What You Need to Know About SSL Certificates

Another day, another acronym! Don’t worry, we can help you understand what SSL certificates are and why your website should have one.

An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate is used to encrypt the data collected on your website to protect your users’ information. Website URLs with SSL certificates appear as https://www.website.com, while unsecured websites appear as http://www.website.com. Many web browsers also feature a padlock symbol, or say “Secure” next to the URL to identify websites with SSL certificates. If your website has online forms or collects personal information like credit card numbers, you should consider adding an SSL certificate to your website.

What About SEO?

Likewise, if you are concerned about your search engine rankings (and who isn’t?!), you should also consider adding an SSL certificate to your website. In 2014, Google began to include security as part of its ranking algorithm and started giving preference to websites with SSL certificates. Google announced in January 2017 that it was starting to display websites without SSL certificates as “Not Secure” in search results. If your website is marked as insecure, searchers will be much less likely to click on your website after doing a Google search, costing you valuable organic traffic. An added bonus: websites with SSL certificates also load faster, which improves user experience and search engine rankings.

So, how can you protect your website? You should only purchase an SSL certificate from a trusted vendor (like DocWeb) to protect your customers’ data. Although there are free options available, you should be wary of trusting them to protect private information- as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.”

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