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The Importance of a Good Review

Have you ever gone to a restaurant based on the reviews, or left a review of an amazing (or amazingly terrible) place you’ve been to? Maybe that made you wonder how important a good review can be for a business. It made a man named Oobah Butler wonder. He used reviews to make the shed in his backyard the highest rated restaurant on TripAdvisor. Kind of goes to show the difference a good review can make.

Why Are Reviews Important?

Butler wanted to see if he could make his non-existent restaurant get to the number one spot on TripAdvisor. So, he had his friends write fake reviews raving about this new restaurant. Although it was hard (or impossible) to get a reservation, Butler had people calling his phone at all hours trying to eat at a restaurant that didn’t even exist. They had seen all the reviews and they wanted to try it out for themselves.

So, people are overall more likely to come into your business if you have great reviews, obviously. They see that other people had good experiences and they want the same. Reviews may be the best way to get people in the door, but they’re not the best way to get them to return at a later date. Repeat customers come when all those amazing reviews turn out to be true.

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