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My Website is Live, Where Are My Sales?

You did your research, every expert and article advised that you need a professional website to get more business. You found a website company and together, created this awesome site. Every time you look at it, you think, “My Website is AWESOME! I’m going to be a millionaire!” Your site goes live and… not too much happens. Why not? Sounds like you may need a marketing plan.

Why You Need a Marketing Plan

The truth is, your website doesn’t go live and immediately pull web traffic to it. When a new site goes live, it has no online reputation because the domain isn’t established. The keywords and content have not yet indexed with the search engines. The ‘search robots’ as I like to call them, don’t know who you are or what you offer. It can be frustrating when you type your domain in the search bar without finding your website as a result. Basically, you need to get the word out about your company and your website by sending people to it directly.

You might be wondering when that Search Engine Optimization stuff kicks in? It takes about 3-6 months, with consistent attention, reviewing complicated data, and making strategic changes to the site. This requires experience, time and money, on top of other digital marketing efforts, such as social media, paid ads, blogging, reviews, backlinks, and directory listings. If all of that sounds overwhelming, we can help with one of our SEO programs.

What to Consider While Making Your Plan

  1. What’s your Budget? You should prepare a launch advertising budget and a monthly marketing budget.
  2. Did you create all your social pages and a Google+ verified business page?
  3. How you will get reviews so that you can build confidence with online shoppers in your services, product, team?
  4. What is your location like and have you been using your highest visible spaces to show your business to local audience?
  5. Do you have a popular local paper or magazine? Despite the push to do everything online, it may be worthwhile to take out an ad to introduce your company.
  6. Who is going to update and manage your website?
  7. Did you prepare a schedule of events & specials?
  8. Is your staff up-to-speed on your expectations of them? You’re going to need to be on the same page as everyone!

What started out as a manageable project to get your website up and launch your business quickly became a much more complex situation. The good news is, we’re here to help! We don’t just design and build your website, we take a very consultative approach to help your business grow and thrive.

Visit our website to learn more about our services to help maintain the health of your online presence!

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