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Branding: Why is Typography Important?

When you’re creating your brand, it’s important to pay attention to everything, even the little details. While you may be excited about your new logo, or beautiful colors you’ve chosen, you still need to pay attention to typography! That is the visual component of the written word, including font choices, sizes, etc. Let’s get right into some things you should think about before choosing the style of your typography.

How Does Typography Help Your Brand?

  • It can set the mood for your brand.
    • Various fonts create different emotions from your potential customers. What mood do you want your customers to feel when they see your brand?
    • We can help! Here are some font styles and the moods they can help create:
      • Serif: tradition, reliability, integrity
      • Sans-serif: modern, stylish, clean
      • Script: elegant, feminine, playful
  • It conveys meaning.
    • Fonts and type choices are constantly changing with the trends and work to convey meaning to your customers. You want to choose the right style of typography to convey the meaning you’re trying to get across to your customers.
  • It can change perceptions.
    • It can make people remember your brand more and for certain reasons. Maybe they didn’t love the name of your company, but if your typography made them feel as though you’re reliable, modern, etc. they may change their mind!

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