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Benefits of a Dog Friendly Office

We all know how Mondays can be tough, but a puppy friendly office may help. Here at DocWeb, one of our lovely managers brings her pup Rocko into the office almost every day. If that morning coffee doesn’t lift your mood, Rocko is there to play catch, sit on your lap, or attempt to steal your lunch. It certainly makes Mondays a bit more cheerful!

Reasons You Need Puppy Co-Workers:

dog friendly office

  • Dogs are adorable
  • Everyone will be much happier
  • Perfect for Monday morning snuggles
  • Dogs help relieve stress
  • Good way to get people communicating
  • Increase employee performance
  • Great for your company’s image
  • Dog owners don’t have to skip work
  • You can put fake eyebrows on them
  • Dogs don’t require a paycheck
  • No more lonely dogs!

If your company has a strict no-pet policy, it may be time to re-think it! We love our little mascot. And having a dog to hang out with is kinda like talking around the water cooler, but much better for stress and employee performance.

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